A5 Vertical Badlands Kindbook


  • ✅ Whiteboard in a notebook
  • ✅ 32 whiteboard sheets (8 clear, 8 grid, 8 ruled and 8 dotted)
  • ✅ A5 Format (5.8 x 8.3”)
  • ✅ Comes with a black Staedtler marker
  • ✅ Use felt tip on marker or microfiber cloth to erase


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Kindbook is a unique and practical notebook.

In essence, it is a whiteboard and a dry-erase marker distilled into a notebook-size device, which can be easily carried in a backpack or a purse.

Similar to the regular whiteboard, Kindbook’s key advantage is that one can re-use the surface by writing, erasing and then writing again. Each notebook comes with a 0.7mm marker, which is fine and allows one to write clearly and legibly. The marker is similar to the common dry-erase marker, but the lines it produces are much more durable and will not smear after contact with human skin. To erase the writing, one should use the felt tip located on the marker or a piece of microfiber cloth. Each notebook contains a marker mount which reduced the possibility of leaving the marker behind. When you are done writing, simply place the marker into its mount and remain at-ease.

Kindbook is a notebook composed of four types of sheets: – grid – ruled (lines) – dots – clear Having eight sheets of each types allows Kindbook to be a versatile solver of your problems. It can become your daily planner, journal book, sketch book, math book or even an art notebook of your child. It is indispensable for meetings and brainstorming sessions, carpentry and automotive shops, at school desks and art easels.

Kindbook will make you forget about regular paper notebooks which tend to run out of space. It will make you forget about the daily planners whose lining and organization never seems to work for you. Think about it – when you have finished a task, simply erase it from the list. It is now literally “Done!” Kindbook will allow you to plan differently and think differently.

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